Beck Valley Book’s Interactive Christmas Advent For Booklovers

I’m excited to share with you all Beck Valley Book’s unique interactive Christmas Advent for booklovers!!  If your looking for gifts or treating yourself, dive right into the Advent Calendar full of fabulous books from so many amazing authors for Christmas Gifts or for you to enjoy, special offers too!
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November Adoption Month AdoptUSKids’ — Social Good Campaign


When you think about children what is the first thing that comes to mind? Smiling, laughing, hugs, happiness? Those are all great words to describe the way that kids make us feel. They make us feel loved, appreciated and needed.

But what about those kids who have never had that return experience of being loved, nurtured, needed and appreciated? Yes, as sad as it is, those kids are out there and there are thousands of them. They are the kids that are in foster care.

Most of these kids grow up never having a family to count on. They move from home to home, never knowing how long they are going to be in one place. Most of them develop the idea of the perfect family, something that exists in their mind, and something that they think will probably never exist for them.

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Details You Probably Haven’t Considered For Your Child’s Birthday Party

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Child's Birthday Party

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So your child’s birthday is coming up. Are you thinking of throwing them an amazing party? If not, you should be! It’ll be a fun way to celebrate their big day.

There will certainly be a lot to plan for their special day. While you will probably have all of the main things under control, have you also thought about the little details? It is these small things that can take a party from great to absolutely awesome! After all, everyone does say that the devil is in the details! So you can see that it will really pay to consider these small details. Here are some that you may not have even considered.

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